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11th July 2018, 18:07

Six arrested by RGP on strength of fifty one warrants

Fifty one warrants of arrest have been executed by the Royal Gibraltar Police in the last 24 hours. Many of the warrants were issued in respect of people failing to appear in court, with a number of others in respect of the non-payment of fines.

In a statement on social media, Commissioner of Police, Ian McGrail said that six people had been arrested on the strength of the warrants, with one individual having a total of thirty eight.

Warrants are issued by the Courts and are in effect instructions for the Police to arrest someone in relation to criminal proceedings to ensure they attend court. They are also issued for witnesses who fail to appear in court, and for people who fail to attend when summoned to jury duty.

This past Monday, eight people failed to attend to jury duty at the Supreme Court when summoned, with the judge instructing warrants be issued so that they may appear before her to “show cause” and explain their absence in court.