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19th September 2023, 15:03

Six new candidates presented as part of ​GSD election slate; Keith Azopardi says electorate fact 'philosophical choice'

Published by GBC News

The GSD has presented its six new candidates at a press conference this morning at party headquarters in College Lane.

Joelle Ladislaus, Giovanni Origo, Youssef El Hana, Craig Sacarello, Atrish Sanchez and Daniella Tilbury were chosen by the Executive to form part of the party's electoral slate.

They'll join long serving GSD members Damon Bossino, Roy Clinton and Edwin Reyes, and led by Keith Azopardi.

The GSD Leader said this was the most competitive selection process he has ever known, saying it indicated the momentum for change. 

Speaking to GBC after the press conference, the GSD Leader said the chosen candidates are ready for Government, adding the electorate faced a philosophical choice between two distinct styles of Government.

Reacting to Fabian Picardo's announcement that part of the counting process at the election will be electronically-assisted, Keith Azopardi said it was disappointing to have only learned about this yesterday. He said the GSD had not been consulted on what is essentially a parliamentary issue, and did not think it appropriate for the news to have emerged at a GSLP press conference. Mr Azopardi said he has written to the Returning Officer to voice his misgivings and will be meeting with him soon to discuss the matter.