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16th September 2020, 20:23

​Sovereignty claim wont stop us reaching an agreement on day to day issues, says Gonzalez Laya

The Spanish Foreign Minister has said that Spain's historical and unrenounceable sovereignty claim to Gibraltar will not stop it from reaching agreements which can benefit and bring prosperity to the region.

Speaking on Radio COPE, Arancha Gonzalez Laya said Spain has been going round in circles with the sovereignty claim to Gibraltar for the last three hundred years, and that has impeded Spain from achieving other things which matter on a day to day level, such as agreements on tobacco, tax affairs and police cooperation.

She said Spain had an obligation to reach a Brexit solution on Gibraltar separate to the UK / EU negotiations.

Speaking on the wider Brexit discussions, Mrs Gonzalez Laya said the UK was risking losing out on a future relationship agreement, and added that, if they play that game, they would lose out economically, socially and as a country.