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15th December 2019, 17:57

Spain will continue to work for an orderly Brexit says Sanchez following Boris Johnson's win; PP calls for 'vigilance' over Gibraltar

Spain will continue to work for an orderly Brexit that guarantees the rights and freedoms of citizens and provides certainty to economic sectors.

This was the message from Spain's Acting Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez who tweeted his reaction following Boris Johnson's election win.

He said Spain is committed to the closest possible future relationship between the EU and the UK.

However, PP leader Pablo Casado, urged the Spanish Government to make it clear that Gibraltar is subject to a veto, or the express authorisation of Spain, in terms of any Brexit agreement. He called for vigilance in ensuring that the UK's departure from the EU is as favourable as possible to Spain, especially with respect to Gibraltar.

Meanwhile, former Foreign Affairs Minister Jose Manuel Garcia Margallo stressed the real 'problem' is when the final Brexit deal is set in stone, but says Spain holds the key to negotiations given that nothing can be agreed without its approval.