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30th July 2019, 20:00

Spain’s far right party Vox submits barrage of questions to Spanish congress regarding detention of Grace 1

Spain’s far right party Vox has submitted a barrage of questions to the Spanish congress regarding the detention of the Grace 1 supertanker.

Victor Sanchez del Real who represents Vox in the Spanish congress, has requested to know what detailed information regarding the supertanker was facilitated to the Spanish authorities prior to the arrest.

Voxreiterates that Spain maintains that British Gibraltar territorial waters are Spanish waters, and highlights the arrest resulted in a breach of Spanish sovereignty. The party asks what measures will be taken as a consequence.

Spain’s foreign Minister Josep Borrel for his part has said that the USA did inform Spanish authorities that the Grace One was on a course to the Strait area, saying Spanish authorities were not asked to intervene. Mr Borrel also said that he is unaware if the arrest of the Grace One was as a result of an intervention by the USA.