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15th April 2019, 20:15

​Spanish authorities withdraw European Arrest Warrant against local man for money laundering & other charges

Spanish authorities have withdrawn a European Arrest warrant which had been issued against a Gibraltarian for alleged money laundering, drug trafficking and participation in a criminal organisation.

46 year old Nigel Francis Marzan was arrested at Eastern Beach earlier this year on the strength of the European Arrest Warrant.

At the time, Mr Marzan’s defence argued that he should not be handed over to the Spanish authorities in view that the offences of which he was accused had allegedly been committed in Gibraltar.

In response to GBC questions, the Government Law Offices said the summary of facts disclosed that the money laundering offence allegedly occurred in Gibraltar. They added that they asked for further information from the Spanish authorities to try to establish whether the alleged drugs offences occurred wholly or partly in Spain, but that the warrant was then withdrawn.

With the cancellation of the European Arrest Warrant, the Magistrates' Court will not be taking any further action.