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11th January 2018, 19:55

​Spanish government sub-delegate for the province of Cadiz says pedestrian & vehicle queues are within usual averages

Spanish government sub-delegate for the province of Cadiz, Agustin Muñoz Martín, has stated that the pedestrian and vehicle queues at the frontier this week are within the usual averages.

Outgoing queues at the frontier reportedly reached two hours on Tuesday afternoon. Mr Muñoz Martín is quoted in the regional Spanish press as saying while there could be occasional increases in the length of the frontier queues, these should not be used to generalise. He claimed the situation on Tuesday was exacerbated by the rain and by the arrival of two planes at Gibraltar airport.

Mr Muñoz Martín said there had been few queues over the festive period, and argued this was down to the measures adopted by the central Spanish government for the stated purpose of improving frontier fluidity.