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29th October 2020, 12:17

Spanish Ministry of the Interior confirms to GBC that Spain's decree of a State of Emergency does not affect frontiers

The Spanish Ministry of the Interior has confirmed to GBC that Spain's decree of a State of Emergency does not affect movement across frontiers, including Gibraltar's. Instead, it says, the regional authorities' regulations - in Gibraltar's case, Andalucia's - apply once you are on Spanish national soil. These prohibit movement between Spanish regions, and in some cases impose stricter localised lockdowns on the provinces currently most affected by COVID-19.

Christina Cortes put it to the Chief Minister, FabianPicardo, that the statement by the Ministry of the Interior means the only restrictions that apply are those preventing people from crossing between Spanish regions once in the country, as well as respecting localised lockdowns.

The Chief Minister told GBC that this has provided further clarity that the ability to enter Andalucia - not from another region but from outside Spain - will not be affected. However, he urged caution for those making plans to travel to and within Spain, as the situation is constantly in flux. Fabian Picardo advised people to familiarise themselves with Spanish regulations when entering the country - and stressed that all of this is happening because the virus is at large, adding the Government's advice is still to stay in Gibraltar if possible. The Government asks those returning from a mid-term trip to Spain to contact 20041818 to arrange a COVID test.

Meanwhile, Gibraltar remains on the quarantine exemption list for people travelling to the UK. Cyprus and Lithuania have been removed, meaning that people travelling from those countries to the UK will need to self-isolate.