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21st June 2022, 19:46

Spanish national pleads not guilty to three drug related offences

At the Magistrates’ Court a Spanish national has pleaded not guilty to three drug related offences.

Chayma el Marzak is charged with two counts of possession and one count of possession with intent to supply. The 25 year old is also charged with failing to surrender to custody.

The incident dates back to February 2021 when officers of the Police Drugs Squad executed a search warrant of a local residence where the defendant was living.

Chayma El Marzak stated to the RGP officers that there were no drugs in the house but the search led to the discovery of 34.2g of cocaine and 37.1g of cannabis resin.

Paraphernalia associated with the supply of controlled drugs was also found, including digital scales and ziplock plastic bags.

The 25 year old is no longer living in Gibraltar. Stipendiary Magistrate, Charles Pitto denied bail on the grounds that the defendant no longer resides in Gibraltar and has no local ties.

Mr Pitto told the court he must take the case at its highest and remanded Ms El Marzak in custody.

Ms El Marzak will next appear in court on the 28th of June.