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29th October 2020, 20:48

Spanish Parliament votes to maintain State of Emergency until next May, with regional governments in control of measures they apply

The Spanish Parliament has voted to maintain the State of Emergency until the 9th of May, in a bid to stop the spread of COVID-19. The motion secured an overwhelming majority, with the Partido Popular MPs abstaining from the vote.

The motion, which was defended by the Spanish Health Minister, received 194 votes in favour, with 53 against. The Partido Popular abstained from the vote.
The second State of Emergency for Spain differs from the first one triggered in March, in that regional governments will now have control on which measures and restrictions they apply to combat the virus.

But, despite the long extension, it was agreed that the State of Emergency could be lifted earlier, with another vote scheduled to take place in March. Pedro Sanchez will also have to update Parliament every two months throughout the State of Emergency.

Eleven of Spain’s regions, and the two autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla, have announced plans to close off their borders to the rest of the country ahead of the All Saints Holiday this weekend.