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23rd May 2020, 17:16

Spanish Prime Minister: tourism to start in July, La Liga in June & guaranteed minimum income scheme to be approved next week

The Spanish Prime Minister has confirmed that foreign tourism will be allowed to return to Spain in July. Speaking at a press conference on Saturday afternoon, Pedro Sánchez said Spain needed to restart economic activity and that tourism is fundamental in the creation of employment.

He invited all establishments working in the industry to start to make preparations. And he said his government would guarantee that tourists would not run any risks and would not bring any risks to the country.

Mr Sánchez said next week the Cabinet would approve a guaranteed minimum income to benefit households in poverty: nearly 850,000. The total cost of the system is estimated at nearly €5.5 billion a year.

The Covid-19 epidemic has left more than 28,000 dead in Spain, according to official figures. Mr Sanchez said the Spanish people have forced the virus to retreat. The reproduction rate is at 0.20, which means the spread of the virus has been slowed down significantly by Spain’s lockdown measures - some of the strictest in the world.

Mr Sanchez also said Spain’s top-flight La Liga football league would be restarting games at the beginning of June.