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30th April 2021, 17:44

'Staggeringly high level' of debt exposes Gibraltar more to economic effect of COVID, says Opposition Leader in May Day message

Gibraltar is running at a loss because of the effect of COVID on trade and tourism, as in other countries - but it already had a "staggeringly high level of direct and indirect debt because of the Government's reckless borrowing over the last ten years", according to the Leader of the Opposition.

In his May Day message, Keith Azopardi added that unlike the UK, Gibraltar does not have the benefit of a binding treaty on its future EU relationship, arguing that no-one can plan if they don't know whether the economic model will change.

Mr Azopardi said there was also a need to control the waste and abuse in certain public contracts, and added the deep challenges Gibraltar faces are not an obstacle to ensuring dignified working conditions, secure employment, better pension provision, trade union recognition, a living wage or an end to zero hour contracts.

The Opposition leader said it had been an unprecedented 15 months, with millions of lives lost, including 94 in Gibraltar, and an incalculable toll on mental wellbeing and the economy. He thanked the essential services fr keeping Gibraltar safe during the worst phases of the public health emergency.