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14th September 2021, 16:53

Strait of Gibraltar Association & Gibraltar Morocco Business Association host first National Day celebration in Tangier

The Strait of Gibraltar Association and Gibraltar Morocco Business Association hosted their first National Day celebration in Tangier.

In a joint statement, the associations say Gibraltar should be proud of its achievements and how it has faced the pandemic "exceptionally well". They praise the Government, Health Authority, Public Health Gibraltar, Civil Contingencies, and all the individuals and companies who played their part.

The associations say they would like to reflect on how the community has always defeated adversity through unity and determination, reinforcing the Gibraltarian identity celebrated on National Day. They highlight how Morocco assisted Gibraltar during the closed frontier days, saying a huge debt of gratitude is still owed.

The Strait of Gibraltar Association adds it has now been registered as a charity in Gibraltar, and says this will enable it to raise funds for local and Moroccan charities. It says it will soon announce some events, COVID permitting.