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25th August 2023, 23:17

​Stringent checks at frontier apparently scaled back Friday night - Gibraltar Government says 'common sense has prevailed'

Published by GBC News

Stringent checks at the Gibraltar frontier - introduced by the Spanish authorities on Thursday - were said to have been scaled back on Friday night.

Spain’s Ministry of the Interior is said to have approved the policy which saw the Policía Nacional scan a significant number of passports, including those belonging to Gibraltar red ID card holders. Spanish press reports suggest this was to increase the detection of wanted suspects and criminals.

After a difficult 24 hours, with long delays for pedestrians and motorists, on Friday night the Spanish authorities decided to relax the checks, allowing freer movement across the frontier. It followed complaints by the Gibraltar Government: the Deputy Chief Minister told GBC Gibraltar would reciprocate if things didn’t improve.

With the situation at the frontier seemingly returning to what it had been like until Thursday, a Gibraltar Government spokesperson said they were ”very pleased that common sense has prevailed and we continue to work to ease people's lives and not cause greater problems to those who need or wish to cross the frontier”.


The Ministry of the Interior has denied there have been any changes at the frontier.

In response to GBC questions, a spokesperson said there had been no changes to the rules or procedures for checking the documents of people entering or leaving Spain.