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25th November 2020, 18:21

Surcharge-free mobile roaming won't be guaranteed by law in event of no deal Brexit, but there's scope for commercial agreements

If no future relationship deal is agreed over the UK and Gibraltar’s future relationship with the EU, surcharge-free mobile roaming will no longer be guaranteed by law as of the start of next year. However, Gibraltar mobile network providers would still be able to preserve or renew private, commercial agreements with EU providers in order to still offer “roam like home” arrangements”.

This was been explained in the latest technical notice published by the Government towards getting ready for the end of the Brexit transition period. The notice points out that Gibtelecom has already confirmed it has no plans to change its mobile roaming policies, adding it will provide its customers with advance warning should this position change in future.

The Government adds it remains hopeful that a future relationship deal can be reached, adding this could include arrangements on roaming charges, and that it's working towards ensuring these are extended to Gibraltar.