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14th January 2020, 16:45

Meet-and-greet event for musicians and artists from Tangier held at the GEMA Gallery

A meet-and-greet event featuring musicians and artists from Tangier took place at the GEMA Gallery on Monday evening. It kicked off a programme of music and art workshops, which will be held on the Rock.

The original idea was for the group to visit Gibraltar in December to coincide with an art exhibition; this couldn't go ahead because of visa issues.

Wadie Ismail, a singer who has been recording and producing music from an early age, is collaborating with Gibraltarian musicians, Adrian Pisarello and Liam Byrne, to produce an original song highlighting some of the Rock's links with Morocco.

A group of visiting musicians also demonstrated classical Moroccan music with percussion, drums, and even acrobatics.

On the artistic side is Karima Jahadi, an artist who paints with her feet, and Sanae Alami, who works in a variety of styles and media.

The second phase of the project will see Gibraltar artists and musicians travelling to Morocco at the end of April.