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30th January 2023, 23:20

Taxi to rebrand as Melon Diesel for upcoming tour in Spain

Published by GBC News

The band Taxi will tour Spain with their earlier name 'Melon Diesel'.

They revealed the rebrand on last night's City Pulse on GBC, some 24 years after their first album La Cuesta de Mister Bond was released.

Dani tells GBC 'door open' for Melon Diesel reunion, but Guy & Adrian say it is not going to happen

Presenter Kevin Ruiz asked the band if it would just be the three present in the TV studio. Guitarist Dani Fa said it would be him, singer Dylan Ferro and fellow guitarist Dani Bugeja, but “the door is open”; a reference to the possibility of reuniting with drummer Adrian Pozo and bassist Guy Palmer Jr.

However, asked by GBC, Guy said a reunion is not going to happen; “Adrian and I do not want to give fans false hope”.

Last Taxi concerts sold out

Taxi’s remaining two concerts in Gibraltar on the 10th and 11th of February are likely to be their last using that name; they are now sold out.

If you missed their extended chat last night, you can catch City Pulse on demand at https://www.gbc.gi/tv/programmes/city-pulse