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26th February 2020, 13:12

Mancomunidad President claims Spain has agreed terms with UK and Gib for Spanish worker protection rights post transition

Pic: the Capitania Maritima in Algeciras, the building where the talks have been taking place today

The President of the Mancomunidad de Municipios, Juan Lozano, has told Spanish journalists that Spain has agreed terms with Gibraltar and the UK for there to be a register of Spanish workers in Gibraltar which will guarantee them their rights after the Brexit transition period is over.

Technical talks in Algeciras arising from the MoUs and the Withdrawal Agreement focused on law enforcement and citizens' rights today with officials representing Gibraltar, the UK and Spain. This round of talks is organised by Spain's Foreign Ministry and further talks focusing on the environment will be tomorrow.

Little is known at this stage on what actually took place in the meetings, with the Spanish Foreign Ministry, who has coordinated this round of talks, offering no press facility or even revealing where the meeting would take place.

But Speaking to GBC, the Chief Minister said what Mr Lozano claims to have been achieved at this meeting was already in the text of the Withdrawal agreement: "that is what the Withdrawal Agreement in essence provides for in order to ensure that those who claim "stock" rights are properly accounted for and protected."

GBC understands the Government of Gibraltar will be issuing a statement later.