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15th September 2021, 19:22

​Teenager sentenced to Drug Rehabilitation Requirement after breaking into Minister's office

A Local 17 year old has been sentenced to a 15 month Drug Rehabilitation Requirement which will include a three month stint at Bruce’s Farm.

The minor broke into Sir Joe Bossano’s office on Town Range in the early hours of the 24th of August, forcing the front door and damaging multiple others, just hours after being released from prison.

The defendant had taken 11 pills of diazepam almost immediately after his release, and set out to find money and valuables. The defence lawyer claimed his client did so in order to feed their habit and that the prison environment had done nothing to rehabilitate them.

The court heard that Sir Joe had in fact visited the defendant while in prison and had said that he did not want the teenager returned there.

Stipendiary Magistrate, Charles Pitto, noted that the defendant had six court matters pending, as well as multiple previous offences, but said he was willing to offer what he referred to as ‘a last opportunity’ for them to avoid further prison time.

The 17 year old was ordered to spend three months at the drug rehabilitation centre and will need to submit to regular drug testing from now until next December, with Mr Pitto saying he hoped they made the best of this as they were running out of options.