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14th September 2020, 20:42

TG questions why building in Sandpits Road has been used by Meddoc/GHA to house mentally ill residents without necessary permits or technical evaluations

Together Gibraltar is questioning why a building in Sandpits Road has been used by Meddoc and the GHA to house mentally ill residents without the necessary permits or technical evaluations. It claims the company has now filed for retroactive permission which is yet to be granted, so that until it's granted, and throughout the last six months, the use of these premises has been completely irregular.

The party says it's also aware that the premises have recently been purchased by the same company providing the services, in what it claims appears to be a well planned and executed deal.

Together Gibraltar says that considering this is a public contract to provide services for the GHA, it's deeply concerned that Government would operate in this haphazard way. It believes it sets a dangerous precedent by using a property to house vulnerable individuals that is not fit for purpose, with this jeopardising the standards of care provided to the community.

The party asks what the Development and Planning Commission's role has been in the process and would like to understand the Commission’s opinion. Together Gibraltar also expresses concern over the welfare and viability of the residents while, what it terms, this back to front process takes its course.

It requests full disclosure of the terms of the contract the GHA has with Meddoc in order, it says, to allow for adequate public scrutiny.