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25th May 2021, 19:20

​There are three active Covid cases on the Rock. All are resident.

There are three active Covid cases on the Rock. All are resident. Of the two new cases, one was vaccinated, the other not. One case yielded 7 close contacts, the other yielded 8.

However, one is a close contact of an existing active case and was already in self-isolation.

In total, there are currently 66 in self isolation.

Saturday's positive case, which GBC believes to be an un-vaccinated sports coach, has led to 43 close contacts being isolated. Of the 43, 17 are under 12, and 22 between the ages of 13 and 18 years old.

Meanwhile the GHA’s Covid Laboratory has for the first time completed whole genome sequencing analysis on a current active Gibraltar case.

The test run on Saturday's positive case confirmed this case is from the Kent variant, a variant already established in Gibraltar for a number of months. The GHA says that according to a study from Public Health England, two doses of the Pfizer vaccine provides 93% effectiveness against this strain.

The GHA’s Covid Lab will be sharing these results with the UK genome sequencing consortium at Cambridge University, contributing to global knowledge of COVID variants and transmission patterns.

Health Minister, Samantha Sacramento, says having this genome sequencing service available in Gibraltar has meant the exact strain of COVID-19 of Saturday’s positive case has been identified within 72 hours. She adds this gives the Rock an important advantage in reducing risk and tracking and managing transmission.