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30th April 2021, 21:29

Man arrested on suspicion of possession of firearm, two released without charge

Three men were arrested on Friday evening on suspicion of possession of a firearm, although two have been released without charge.

Late on Friday afternoon (30 Apr), the RGP became aware of a video on social media which showed a local man and a Beretta 12 gauge shotgun. As a result, a full strategic firearm so operation was planned.

All necessary measures were put in place to minimise any risks to the public and to officers.

The operation went ahead exactly as planned at around 8pm when the local man, along with two others were seen in a car in the area of Rosia Bay.

In the operation, three men were detained although later in the evening, two were released. The third man was arrested on suspicion of Possession of a Firearm, Contrary to the Firearms Act. He was later bailed.

Since that time, enquiries have revealed that the Beretta is owned legally by a fourth local man who is now a police witness. The investigation is still ongoing.

Commissioner of Police, Richard Ullger said:

‘This was a pre-planned operation in which, at all times, our number one concern was the safety of everyone involved. It is important to stress that the RGP will not tolerate any criminal activity in which firearms are involved. Last night vividly showed the kind of response that criminals can expect if they are seen with firearms in Gibraltar.’

GBC understands the individual previously portrayed in a picture on this web story was one of the individuals who has been released without charge. The image has been amended to reflect this.