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30th July 2020, 20:08

Three Non Governmental organisations express concerns over invitation for expressions of interest for Eastside development

Three Non Governmental organisations concerned about the invitation for expressions of interest for the Eastside development have met with the Deputy Chief Minister and Minister for the Environment John Cortes.

In a joint statement, the Ornithological and Natural History Society, the Heritage Trust and the Environmental Safety Group say the plot is a very large area of real estate and its crucial its developed in the best possible way for Gibraltar and the community, especially against the backdrop of Brexit and COVID-19.

GONHS, the Heritage Trust and the ESG highlight the need for a holistic vision for the area. They raise the issues of clearing the site and protecting the coast, depositing rubble as well as how the area will provide for Gibraltar.

In a joint statement, the NGO's say the Government gave guarantees on the processes of selection and the application of the planning process to any eventual developments that emerge for this area, adding that these would need to consider environmental and landscape impact studies and assessments carried out.

The NGO's say they are determined to work to strike the right balance to leave future generations with a valuable legacy.