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13th October 2019, 20:16

Together Gibraltar blame rival activists for damage to election posters; Fabian Picardo and Keith Azopardi say accusations "unfounded"

A row erupted on social media this weekend over claims by Together Gibraltar that a couple of its election posters have been vandalised in some areas. The Party said the leaders of both the GSLP/Liberals and the GSD should tell their activists to calm down.

However Fabian Picardo and Keith Azopardi hit back accusing Together Gibraltar of making “unfounded allegations”.

On Saturday, Together Gibraltar posted a picture on facebook showing one of its election posters partially ripped off a billboard, and said its manifestos had also been pulled out of letterboxes in some estates. The party appeared to blame the vandalism on activists for the other parties, adding their leaders should tell them to 'calm down'.

However GSLP/Liberal Leader Fabian Picardo took to his social media page to insist he wants people to read all three manifestos adding, Together Gibraltar should not make unfounded allegations against, what he called, the great and dedicated people who make up the party team.

Meanwhile the GSD’s Keith Azopardi said his party has fought, and will fight, a positive and constructive campaign, adding he has never condoned this type of unacceptable behaviour. Nevertheless, he said the people who should calm down are 'those hurling wild and unfounded accusations'.

Together Gibraltar later claimed another poster had been ripped off completely in Moorish Castle Estate and accused Fabian Picardo of fanning flames rather than calming things down. Referencing Mr Picardo’s own words during the 2011 election campaign, where he called on supporters to respect all electoral material, Together Gibraltar said it now calls on Mr Picardo as Chief Minister, to echo that spirit and again urge everyone to respect the democratic process.