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22nd May 2019, 20:27

​Together Gibraltar calls on Government for written commitment to fix floors at Beachview Terraces

Together Gibraltar has asked for a written commitment from the Government that it will replace what it calls the "faulty rubber floors" at Beachview Terraces.

The party says it's interesting that the Government committed to fixing these one day before Together Gibraltar's scheduled visit to the housing estate.

It says the floors have plagued residents since they moved in three years ago.

The party estimates it'll cost about a million pounds to fix them and rehouse residents in the meantime, and asks whether it will be the contractor or the taxpayer who foots the bill. It calls for a well-thought out strategy, and not an "empty electoral promise".

Together Gibraltar adds the Government has also now promised to remove the "rubble mountain" from Catalan Bay, seven years into its term in office.

The party say it's happy to provide the Government with a schedule of all its future community outreach locations, so it can fulfil its promises to residents.