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12th August 2019, 20:24

​Together Gibraltar claims Enlargement U-turn is a victory for democracy

Together Gibraltar has commended the Government claiming it's had the sense to backtrack and listen to the people. The Party believes it's the people of Gibraltar who have been successful in opposing the enlargement of Parliament, which it claims the Government and GSD were prepared to rush through with no consultation.

Together Gibraltar feels this is another example of how the barristocracy pushes agendas forward, regardless of the feelings expressed by the people. The Party, which was the dissenting voice on the issue, claims these politicians feel they know best and that everyone else must be deluded or ignorant. It vows to present loud and firm opposition should the government go ahead with the changes.

It highlights three points for future reform: That it should not involve extra costs to the public purse -that it should not allow for parties to extend their power and that it should not be rushed through without proper consultation. Together Gibraltar will instead be presenting ideas such as the deployment of Direct Democracy or the participation of independent and pro bono backbenchers.