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3rd May 2019, 15:28

Together Gibraltar concerned at CM response to teachers' demonstration

Together Gibraltar says it notes with grave concern the tone and content of the Chief Minister's response to the the teachers' demonstration.

It says unions deserve to be treated with respect, criticising Fabian Picardo for accusing teachers of lying.

The party says it is out of order to claim that the demonstration was made up in large measure of people who are not teachers, highlighting the hashtag "I Was There" being used by teachers who attended.

Together Gibraltar says this is part of a bigger issue showing the growing divide between a "supposedly socialist government" and workers' organisations.

It says teachers' salaries are an investment for the future and not frivolous expenditure, especially in what the Government has called a "tiger economy".

The party says it's committed to putting workers' rights and public consultation at the forefront of its agenda.