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15th March 2023, 20:01

Together Gibraltar says there are questions about Government's integrity & transparency surrounding RGP revelations

Published by GBC News

Together Gibraltar has weighed in on the political controversy surrounding the RGP revelations. The party says there are serious questions about the Government's integrity and transparency.

Together Gibraltar says the situation around the employment of former RGP officers in Government services puts an international spotlight on Gibraltar's institutions, particularly in the context of the McGrail Inquiry.

Together Gibraltar says if the Government is seen to meddle in this case, it could undermine the perception of independence and credibility of the inquiry.

The party says the Government should not have acted as a judge of the credibility of the officers involved.

It says this was either incompetence or manipulation, and that either is serious enough to damage public trust.

Party leader Marlene Hassan Nahon calls on the Government to explain why these officers were given what she calls "preferential treatment", as well as what role they may have in the inquiry.