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15th May 2019, 19:00

Together Gibraltar says decriminalisation is no 'experiment' but tried and tested by global experts

Together Gibraltar claims its dealings with recovering addicts show the Government is not giving the drugs issue the importance it deserves. 

The Party denies the accusations that it's trying to start a dangerous drugs experiment on the Rock by advocating decriminalisation for small amounts of drugs. In fact, it says, the Government's position of maintaining the status quo and brushing these issues under the carpet by twisting what's been said is both dangerous and irresponsible.

Together Gibraltar says the concept of decriminalisation is no experiment and points at global experts which have proved this leads to better social outcomes.

The Government, it says, ignores this and focuses on maximising electoral gains, failing to deliver any results after nearly eight years. The Party says it's seriously questioning whether any data actually exists. This, it says, is a public health issue, as much as a legal one, with drug addicts needing to be treated with respect, support and the opportunity to reintegrate into society, as opposed to being stuck in a vicious circle of jail and petty crime.

As it stands, it says, many are unemployable due to their criminal records. Together Gibraltar recalls that one of Mr Picardo's own ministers, Neil Costa, advocated decriminalisation on a GBC Viewpoint and asks whether Mr Picardo thinks he's dangerous too.

The Chief Minister, it says, should ask the pensioners, the teachers, the impoverished, those who can't afford to buy a home and the actual victims of drugs pushers, what they think of this Government's moral high ground.