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30th June 2020, 20:00

Together Gibraltar says it could not support 'Open Your Eyes' demonstration as it does not agree with all the issues raised

Meanwhile, Together Gibraltar denies having had any involvement with yesterday's demo.

It says it's impossible for a party to coherently endorse a demonstration that raises 14 different political grievances on a plethora of issues ranging from mental health, traffic management and community care policy changes. The Party adds that while it might agree with some of these positions, it will disagree with others, therefore making it impossible for it to officially endorse the demo.

Together Gibraltar claims some of the causes evoke conspiracy ramblings that it believes damage the very fabric of our society. The Party says that while it agrees the Government has made big and impactful mistakes, and may get them voted them out, it does not believe they are “pure evil” as the “Open Your Eyes” group states, or that we're living in a “Big Brother” world of absolute pretence. In fact it believes we're lucky to live in a democratic society, albeit flawed, where we can express our opinions, protest, and vote every 4 years.

Together Gibraltar also claims the demonstration flaunted existing social distancing norms, something, it says, no responsible party should be supporting in these times - regardless of the recent positive news on Covid 19 cases.

It adds that besides the extensive list of unrelated and incoherent claims, the protest included chants for “Free Parking” and xenophobic banners protesting Osmosis, which it could never support.

In fact, it says it's shocked the GSD supported, what it terms this confused and ill-executed event, saying it shows a desperate attempt at gaining some form of public relevance after years of decline and uninspired Opposition.

On the other hand, it hopes the Government notes the discord that is emerging within our society, adding there were good and legitimate arguments expressed yesterday, and a general, overarching message the GSLP/Liberals would do well to pay attention to.