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1st December 2021, 19:19

​Together Gibraltar says there can be no lasting GHA improvement if Government continues to impose 'austerity' measures

Published by GBC News

Together Gibraltar has also responded to the announced reorganisation of the GHA, saying this amounts to an implicit admission that there are "serious problems plaguing the health service", including both systemic issues and those related to bad management and lack of leadership.

It says it's pleased to see that criticism from political parties and concerned citizens is having an impact, but claims Gibraltar is too used to "high-profile announcements and bombastic plans" that have little to no impact on day-to-day reality.

It highlights that on the same day as the reorganisation was announced, an online petition was launched to stop reported changes to the Gynaecology Department. The petition, which has around 500 signatures, claims that three of the department's consultant doctors will not have their contracts renewed, with locums to be employed instead.

Together Gibraltar urges the Government to backtrack on this measure, with leader, Marlene Hassan Nahon, saying there can be no profound and lasting improvement if the Government continues to cut costs and impose austerity measures.