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21st January 2019, 20:56

​Together Gibraltar submits proposal to revamp parole hearings

Together Gibraltar has submitted a proposal to revamp parole hearings, placing more emphasis on representations from victims of crimes.

The Government has welcomed the “constructive” approach.

The recently formed political party Together Gibraltar says the Parole Board should be explicitly obliged to seek the views of victims of crime in respect of license conditions 

It says when a letter of advice is sent to the Minister, stating that a prisoner is eligible for parole, it should also be sent to the victims of crime and to the prisoner.

Together Gibraltar says when a judge hands down a custodial sentence, he or she should also state publicly the length of time after which the person will become eligible for release on license. This would put victims of crime on notice and allow them to prepare mentally for receipt of the letter around a particular date in the future.

The party also recommends that at the conclusion of a Parole Hearing, the Board should produce a summary decision for the public, explaining the rationale for whether or not parole has been approved.

In reply, the Minister for Justice Neil Costa has thanked Marlene Hassan Nahon and her party for their constructive proposal. The Minister says he hopes to discuss these proposals with Together Gibraltar soon. He says he will also pass them on to the Law Commission for their consideration.