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14th January 2020, 17:07

Marlene Hassan Nahon criticizes Picardo's ‘unintelligent’ decision to appear on “sensationalist” Spanish TV programmes to counter Vox

Together Gibraltar's Marlene Hassan Nahon says her focus will continue to be equality, social justice the fight against corruption and climate change in 2020.

In a New Year broadcast, posted on social media, the MP says statements by the ultranationalist Spanish party Vox are “entirely reprehensible and deserve a firm response in the courts”. But she criticized what she said was “sabre rattling and testosterone” by the Chief Minister towards Vox, as well as his ‘unintelligent’ decision to appear on what she called “sensationalist” Spanish TV programmes.

Ms Hassan Nahon says Gibraltar is an open and tolerant nation, secure in our national identity and argues it is time to tone down nationalistic rhetoric, which - she says - only benefits Mr. Picardo and his party. She says these are uncertain times that require a responsible approach to politics that will put Gibraltar in the best possible position to dialogue with ALL parties, even with those with whom we profoundly disagree.

The Together Gibraltar leader believes the best way to combat Vox’s fascist ideals is for Gibraltarians to continue to be ourselves, “doubling down on our commitment to the values of respect, tolerance, diversity and democracy”.

Despite her criticisms, Ms Hassan says the Government can count on her and on Together Gibraltar to provide assistance and support every step of the way on Brexit.

Ms Hassan Nahon also said she felt empowered by the election result which saw her gain more votes than the Leader of the Opposition.

Ros Astengo spoke to her, and first asked whether we will soon see her campaigning on the abortion issue ahead of the referendum.