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7th October 2019, 18:36

​Traffic, transport and tourism pledges expanded on at GSLP Liberals press conferences

If elected, the GSLP Liberals have pledged to build around 500 parking spaces at Tankerville, while encouraging walking and cycling via a project on the city walls stretching from Chatham Counterguard to Camp Bay.

With less than 10 days to go to the general election, traffic and tourism policies were the focus of press conferences by the party on Monday. 

Calling the commitment to the environment within the GSLP Liberal manifesto huge, Paul Balban said this manifesto was in the direction he's been pushing for. On the agenda, a car park at Tankerville with around 500 spaces to rent under the zone parking scheme. The completion of the scheme, with the introduction of zones four, five and six. A Walk the Wall project, to create a pedestrianised stretch spanning from Chatham to Camp Bay. Segregated cycling lanes, bicycle education courses and an app to find parking for bicycles, and cars also featured.

By way of tourism, Gilbert Licudi highlighted the importance of event led tourism, citing recent events as examples of this. To further this, Mr Licudi says if elected Cirque Du Soleil would come to Gibraltar. He says discussions are going well and there is hope to open this end of July next year. An enhanced attraction at St. Michael's Cave, using a laser and lighting experience is also proposed.

For more on these policies, you can head to generations.gi