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31st January 2023, 12:33

Treaty will be 'Imperfect' but will be right for Gibraltar, Picardo says on 3rd anniversary of leaving the EU

Published by GBC News

Exactly three years ago on Tuesday, the EU flag was lowered at the frontier marking the UK's and Gibraltar's departure from the European Union.

The historic moment came just shy of fifty years of membership of the world's largest trading bloc.

1095 days later, it is not clear what Gibraltar's post-Brexit relationship with the EU will look like. Members of the public appear to feel confused and frustrated that a treaty on this has not yet been agreed. 

The Chief Minister has told GBC a Treaty on Gibraltar's future relationship with the EU will be imperfect, but will still be the right deal for Gibraltar.

Speaking on the 3rd Anniversary of leaving the European Union, the Chief Minister stressed none of the parties in the negotiation will come away with everything they want.

However, Mr Picardo said it will contain the right balance for Gibraltar, with no red lines crossed, and will be better than a no deal scenario.

Ros Astengo spoke to the Chief Minister, who's in Malaga for Treaty Talks, and first asked him to reflect on the 3rd anniversary of leaving the EU.