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13th March 2018, 21:01

Supreme Court trial of four men charged with possession & intent to supply over 28 kilos of cannabis resin begins

The trial of Four men charged with possession and intent to supply over 28 kilos of cannabis resin has begun at the Supreme Court. The drugs, which have a street value of over £130,000 were allegedly fished out the sea by three of the group, before a fourth man on the shore sped off with the drugs on a motorbike chase away from the police, later abandoning the cannabis and his bike before being arrested days later.

Raul Hernandez Aranzana, Dylan Collado, George Key and Carl Gonzalez face one counts of possession of a controlled Class B drug and as well as a count of intent to supply to an incident dating back to September 2014. Mr Gonzalez also faces a charge of dangerous driving as he is the one alleged to have sped off with the bale of cannabis in a police chase travelling the wrong way along Rosia Road.

An officer from the Royal Gibraltar Police Marine Section told the court they had received reports of cannabis bales floating in the bay that morning. Later a report of a vessel loitering in Camp Bay was received by police. When they got there, they searched the vessel which had three men on-board, one of them soaking wet. Earlier they had spoken to one of the men who was reportedly aware of cannabis being found in the sea. Nothing was found during the search however; the men were sent to New Mole Police where they were later arrested on suspicion of being in possession of a controlled substance. 

A fourth man, Gonzalez, had been spotted onshore and appeared to be in communication with the men on board. It’s alleged the group had fished one of the cannabis bales out of the sea, with Prosecution lawyer Johan Fernandez saying the drugs were of the “sort of amounts people only take control of because they intend to supply it”.

The trial continues.