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22nd March 2019, 13:49

Sentencing of two Albanian men caught with false IDs at airport

Two Albanian nationals who were caught with false ID at the airport were sentenced at the Magistrates' Court.

One of them is to be deported back to Albania. The other has applied for asylum in Gibraltar, with his application awaiting approval.

Andrea Koraqe and Igli Lavdari were attempting to take a flight to the UK from the Gibraltar airport, when they were found to be in possession of forged travel documents. Koraqe held a fake Greek ID, and Lavdari held a fake French passport and fake Spanish ID card.

The court heard that the two men were smuggled into Gibraltar in a vehicle by someone in La Linea for 200 euros each.

The men came to Gibraltar to fly to the UK from here, believing that Gibraltar was England and that security would be minimal on a flight to the UK.

50 year-old Koraqe is reportedly fleeing persecution in Albania, and fears for his life if he returns to the country. He has applied for asylum here and is awaiting approval for his application.

24 year-old Lavdari reportedly left Albania to find more opportunities for work.

Stipendary Magistrate Charles Pitto said that the four to five weeks both men had spent in prison would serve as their sentence, and Lavdari would be sent back to Albania when his documents were received.