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14th October 2020, 20:42

​UK Government protest after Spanish customs officers boarded pleasure craft in Gibraltar waters

The UK Government will protest an incident in which Spanish customs officers boarded a pleasure craft in British Gibraltar Territorial Waters (BGTW).

A Royal Navy RHIB was the first to attend the incident on Monday afternoon; they attempted to get in between the Spanish state vessel and the Spanish pleasure craft.

Ultimately the Spanish customs were able to board but reportedly did not attempt to arrest the individuals. After interventions by HM Customs, the pleasure craft was able to motor off.

Eventually, the Royal Navy RHIB escorted the Spanish customs vessel out of local waters, assisted by the GibraltarDefence Police and the Gibraltar Squadron’s HMS Pursuer.

A spokesperson for the Office of the Governor told GBC, Spanish customs officers took executive action,by doing constabulary work in BGTW, and as such, the protest to the Spanish Government will reflect the seriousness of this.

Eye-witness Bart Van Thienen also filmed a Spanish helicopter, but The Convent said they had not yet received any reports of an air incursion.