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14th March 2019, 20:18

UK Parliament votes to extend Article 50

The UK Parliament has voted overwhelmingly in favour of seeking an extension to Article 50 from the EU.

The motion states if a Brexitdeal can be agreed by Wednesday, the UK will ask for an extension till the 30th of June to pass the necessary legislation.

If a deal is not agreed, the motion highlights the EU will need a clear purpose in order to approve a longer extension.

It also points out that this may mean the UK will need to contest the next European Parliament elections.

MPs narrowly voted down two amendments to the motion which specified more time should be set aside for Parliament to reach a consensus.

They overwhelmingly voted against an amendment calling for a new referendum with remain as option.

The People's Vote campaign, despite being in favour of a second referendum, said it was not the right time, also prioritising an extension.

Theresa May is expected to attempt to put her deal to Commons again next week for a third "meaningful vote".