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12th January 2023, 18:52

Ukrainian billionaire wanted on suspicion of embezzling tens of millions of dollars seeking asylum in Gibraltar

Published by GBC News

A Ukrainian billionaire, wanted by his home country on suspicion of embezzling tens of millions of dollars, has applied to Gibraltar for asylum.

Kostiantyn Zhevago, arrested in France on the strength of an international warrant issued by Ukraine, has been released by a French court on bail in the sum of a million euros.

The Ukrainian authorities allege Mr Zhevago of embezzling over $100 million from a bank he was the primary beneficiary of.

He alleges his persecution is political, and that he has always fought against corruption.

The Gibraltar Government has confirmed that Mr Zhevago, a former Member of Parliament in Ukraine, has applied for asylum on the Rock.

It says it will not comment further as it is a live application.