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10th February 2021, 17:10

UK's Transport Secretary indicates UK is interested in forming part of international COVID 'vaccine passport' system

The UK's Transport Secretary has indicated that the UK is interested in forming part of an international COVID "vaccine passport" system.

Grant Shapps said he imagined there would be an international system in future where countries will want to know whether those travelling internationally have been vaccinated or tested before flying. He added he had been speaking to his Singaporean and US counterparts about the possibility.

AFP is reporting that Estonia is working with the World Health Organisation on on a pilot project for digital vaccine passports that would be recognised and trusted internationally, although questions remain to be resolved as to privacy and human rights.

Meanwhile, Grant Shapps also said people shouldn't book holidays right now, either domestically or internationally; speaking on the BBC, he said people should wait till the situation is clear before booking anything for the summer.