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14th May 2024, 17:30

University of Gibraltar involved with international project addressing risks of problematic internet use by young people

Published by GBC News

The University of Gibraltar is taking part in an international project to address the risks of problematic internet use by young people.

The university's Centre of Excellence in Responsible Gambling will be involved in the BootStRaP project.

Funded by the EU, UK and Switzerland, it will run across 14 countries, and assess thousands of teenagers through an appto investigate daily online habits.

Young people will be directly involved in the creation of the app, and the research process.

The aim is to reduce the harmful effects of digitalisation on young people's mental health - from problematic gaming, gambling and shopping, to pornography use and cyber-bullying.

The University's Professor Zsolt Demetrovics says it's an excellent opportunity to find ways to reduce screen time and create a healthier way of using the internet.