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9th October 2019, 20:40

US Secretary of State calls on European Union to hold Iran accountable tweeting photos purporting to show oil from Adrian Darya supertanker offloaded in Syria

The United States' Secretary of State has called on the European Union to hold Iran accountable as he tweeted photos purporting to show that oil from the Adrian Darya supertanker has been offloaded in Syria.

Mike Pompeo posted an image of a smaller ship, the Jasmine, anchored alongside the Adrian Darya in what appears to be a ship-to-ship oil transfer, and another image showing the Jasmine moored in the Oil Discharge Area off the Syrian Baniyas Refinery.

Mr Pompeo said this was proof that Iran had lied to the UK and Gibraltar over the destination of the ship and its cargo. He called on EU members to condemn the action and uphold the rule of law.