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28th May 2023, 12:20

Voting underway in Spanish local elections

Published by GBC News

Spanish local elections are underway in 8000 municipalities across the country as well as in 12 regions.  The results are widely seen as a crucial indicator for December’s General Election. 

La Linea is contested by 7 parties: Otra Línea es Possible (OLEP) led by Juan Carlos Valenzuela is the only newcomer; Mayor Juan Franco is standing again as Leader of La Linea 100x100 and is also hoping to be re-elected Mayor; former Mayor Gemma Araujo leads the PSOE plus Álvaro Cuadros (Vox), Susana González (PP), Francisco Dorado (IU) and Christina Sanz (Podemos).

Voting opened at 9am and will close at 8 pm with over 35 million people eligible to vote.