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5th August 2022, 19:07

Water is safe to drink, says Director of Public Health; reverse osmosis plants back at 100% capacity

The Director of Public Health says she has been assured that the water is safe to drink in Gibraltar, with reservoirs and taps testing clear.

This follows a bacterial test failure, reported yesterday, in one of the trucks importing water from Spain.

GBC has put questions as to the nature of the bacteria that was initially indicated by the test failure, as well as when the test was carried out.

Meanwhile, with the fourth reverse osmosis unit at Governor's Cottage back online, Gibraltar is now now producing water at 100% capacity, allowing it to build stock levels at the Waterworks reservoirs.

AquaGib says after the bacteriological failure was detected, the relevant authorities were informed, including Public Health, the Ministry of the Environment and the Environmental Agency. It says it takes daily samples from the receiving tank and has also taken samples from the service reservoirs at Waterworks, and that these have indicated no bacteria showing in the system.

AquaGib also says it would like to reassure customers that chlorine levels remain fit for human consumption. These have been temporarily increased to mitigate against any risks of poor water quality, meaning customers may notice an increased chlorine smell or taste.

It adds that pressure fluctuations are now beginning to reduce, and that all customers should now have a water supply from their taps. It says numerous works have been carried out on any reports of pressure fluctuations, but that these may still continue for some time. However, those with no supply at all, other than during overnight restrictions, should contact AquaGib on its 24-hour number on 200 73659.

AquaGib calls on people to be responsible with the use of water wherever possible - adding the effects of low stock levels and pressure fluctuations will improve more rapidly if people reduce their water usage.

Overnight restrictions will continue, albeit with a slight change of times for Friday night and Saturday night: the restriction will be in effect from half past midnight to eight in the morning, to assist the catering industry over the weekend.