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14th March 2019, 17:10

We're closer to no deal being off the table, but not safe yet, CM tells Parliament

The Chief Minister has told Parliament we are one step closer to having a no deal Brexit ruled out, but warned Gibraltar was not safe yet. In a ministerial statement to the House, Fabian Picardo said the revocation of Article 50 was the best possible outcome for the Rock, but that this was the most uncertain period since the second world war, and that the Government would continue to plan for all eventualities.

Opposition Leader Elliott Phillips said he go without commenting on the Chief Minister's support for Theresa May's deal, which had been rejected twice, and called for assurances for members of the public who were concerned about Gibraltar's future.

And Together Gibraltar leader Marlene Hassan Nahon said the absences of Border Inspection points in the event of a no deal had turned out to be a bid deal for the business community, even though the Chiec Miniser had called it a zero issue.

In reply however, the Chief Minister said he was entirely comfortable and proud with the fact that the areas of the withdrawal agreement he had negotiated with the UK had led to Gibraltar's protection going forward, without having made any concessions. He said Gibraltar's economy and sovereignty were not in doubt. And although the future relationship with the EU was, he pointed out that was the same in the UK.

Mr Picardo stood by his comments earlier this year that Border inspection points were a zero issue.

A motion on the recently announced tax treaty with Spain was tabled, and is expected to be heard in the coming weeks.