Katy Docker


Katy started working at the GBC Newsroom in April 2016 and says “I feel very lucky to do a job I love. I get to learn about so many things and every day is different!”
Before her life at GBC, she worked in insurance, but having studied journalism at university, she always hoped to make it her career.
Often covering court proceedings, including high-profile cases such as former police commissioner Ian McGrail’s sexual assault trial in 2022, you may also find her on Main Street speaking to people about whatever the topic of the day is.
She finds social issues particularly interesting, and has written articles on parental leave and housing.
She also had the privilege of being there for Gibraltar’s first same-sex marriage in 2016 and enjoyed presenting a Viewpoint in 2022 on the subject of a four-day working week.
Outside of news, Katy has previously presented on programmes such as the Three King’s Cavalcade and the Open Day, as well as on Radio Gibraltar’s Breakfast show.
Katy is a happily married mum of two boys and a little chihuahua. She enjoys walks, reading and being creative. She also likes to cook and often brings in sweet treats for her colleagues to try.