Lucinda Snape

Radio Presenter

Lucinda has travelled around the world and worked in a variety of industries, including Banking, Gaming and the Police… plus held a few more unconventional roles, like cooking breakfasts for soldiers, snooping as a mystery shopper and organising activities for foreign language students (Disco Co-Ordinator was a real job title!) All of this combined with raising a family in Gibraltar has given Lucinda a lot of life experience.

She began her career with Radio Gibraltar in 2014, and built up her broadcasting experience in fluffy slippers as the Sunday Morning Breakfast Show presenter. She has been the voice of the 10am-1pm Morning Show since 2017 and is involved in editing and production work, as well as leading most live outside broadcasts ‘on location’ around the Rock for local festivals and community events.

Lucinda is a fun and energetic person and loves interacting with listeners every day, developing original competitions and keeping up with the charts. She loves being part of the Radio Gibraltar team and doesn’t see it as work… but the fluffy slippers don’t get worn so much these days.