Election 2019

GBC is providing comprehensive coverage of the General Election 2019. Several special programmes will be aired on GBC Television and Radio Gibraltar where candidates will have the opportunity to put across their policies, while being examined on these. Programmes include a variety of Debates, Question and Answer sessions and Features, all with the aim of providing exposure for all candidates who are standing. The electorate will have plenty of opportunity to see and hear what is on offer by the prospective MPs before casting their votes on Thursday 17th October. GBC’s Election 2019 programmes start on Monday 30th September with “Leaders’ Question Time” live from the John Mackintosh Hall Theatre, and culminate with the “The Result” throughout election night and the early hours of Friday 18th when Gibraltar’s new government will be revealed. Stay informed on “Election 2019” on GBC from Monday 30th September. 

The Result

Thursday 17th October 2019


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Election 2019: Radio Gibraltar Debates

Radio Debate 11/10/19 - The Alternatives

Jonathan Scott hosts the leaders at a live …

Radio Debate 08/10/19 - Employment & Education

Ros Astengo chairs a debate on Employment &…

Radio Debate 04/10/19 - Health and Social Affairs

Kevin Ruiz chairs a Debate on Health and Social…

Radio Debate 02/10/19 - Quality of Life

Kelly-Anne Borge hosts a debate on the subject …