This Week: Schedule

Monday 2nd October

- Debate: Education & Employment - 1:10pm (replays 7:15pm)

- Election 2023: Youth Q&A - 9:25pm

Tuesday 3rd October

- Your Questions: GSD - 1:10pm (replays 9:25pm)

Wednesday 4th October

- Debate: Money - 9:25pm

Thursday 5th October

- The Leaders: Meet the Media - 9:25pm

Friday 6th October

- Debate: The Environment - 1:10pm (replays 7:15pm)

- The Leaders: Down to Business (GFSB) - 8:00pm

Monday 25th September to Election Night on Thursday 12th October

Election 2023

Election 2023 Guide

All the debates, all the events leading up to the very last moments of the count and the result on the morning after Election Night will be right here on GBC.

When the candidates sign on, we will be there. When the Manifestos are launched, we will crunch them down for you.

Tune in for the debates and phone-ins and don’t miss the leaders go head to head in our flagship Leader’s Debate.

Special programming will run from Monday 25th September to Election Night on Thursday 12th October.

GBC is your home for election coverage.

Election 2023: TV

Youth Q & A

As broadcast on 02/10/23

The Leaders: In the Spotlight

As broadcast on Thursday 28th September, live …

Debate: Health & Social Affairs

As broadcast on 27/09/23

Debate: Quality of Life

As broadcast on 25/09/23

Viewpoint - Meet the new faces of Election '23

Meet the new faces of Election '23

Election 2023: Radio

Debate: Education & Employment

As broadcast on 02/10/23

Debate: Small Topics, Big Issues

As broadcast on 29/09/23

Your Questions: Robert Vasquez

As broadcast on 26/09/23

Your Questions: GSLP/ Liberals

As broadcast on 26/09/23

Debate: Business & Tourism

As broadcast 25/09/23